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RNode runs the Casper consensus algorithm so that the nodes in the network can come to eventual consensus (on the state of a the tuplespace). RNode plays the casper game automatically so that human users don't have to spend all do doing it. This is of course necessary. But since humans never play the game manually, they often struggle to understand it. I'm brainstorming a browser-based game in which humans can manually play Casper and try to maximize their earnings. I've done a similar thing to explain POW consensus with good results


This game will be played entirely on the computer screen. The attached image is a white-board mockup of how the user-interface might look. The main feature in the middle of the screen as a blockDAG. Each circle represents a block and its color indicates which of the three validators proposed the block. Only the genesis block (bottom left) is brown because no one validator proposed it. The dark arrows indicate parents. Justifications are not currently shown , but as the text says, the user can hover over any block to show its justification pointers. The colored bands around the outside of each block indicate which validators have verifiably seen the block.

So far all blocks are considered valid, and users can only be slashed for building their next block in the wrong spot on the DAG according to the fork choice rule.

Your Role

I don't have enough time or javascript expertise to fully develop this game. So I need help designing, playtesting, and mostly coding the game. I'm willing to sponsor some development personally, so if you are a skilled web dev, please reach out.

More Resources

Michael Birch's RCon3 talk
Kent Shikama's RCon2.5? talk

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