How do I really get started with Rchain  


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27/02/2018 4:50 am  


I'm an embedded and application developer with experience writing iOS apps and embedded firmware for IOT based platforms. I'd like to get my hands dirty with Rchain but getting started is really a uphill battle. I've downloaded Docker and can run the myriads of docker commands I see peppered throughout github. The problem is I don't know what these are for and what they do. From my perspective, imagine I have some data, I want to 

  1. Securely transmit the data from one place to the next
  2. Store it and/or act on it based on what is received
  3. Run queries

How can I achieve this with Rchain? What do I need to do to get started? How do I even begin to write a process and run it? I've taken a look at but it doesn't tell you how to start.


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27/02/2018 3:15 pm gives some information about how to use the Docker image. The command 

docker run -ti -v /path/to/contract.rho:/tmp/input.rho rchain/rholang-cli

will execute the code inside the file located at /path/to/contract.rho. For example, you could put the code listed in the various code blocks of the tutorial into files and run them in the Docker image. You could then also edit those examples yourself and re-run to see how the behaviour changes. There are also much longer examples and an extra tool to help write non-trival Rholang code available on GitHub.


The Rholang language and RChain platform are still under heavy development. At this time you cannot communicate between multiple machines using Rholang (which is what I assume you mean by "transmit the data from one place to the next"). But we do encourage you to stay engaged with our development work through our community updates, GitHub project and developer website.

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16/03/2018 8:34 pm  

How do I send rholang commands to a long running node using http?

I would like to modify state over time.




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17/03/2018 9:41 am  

Those functionalities has not been embedded into rholang yet. It's still at it's infancy. Though u can start basic development of smart contract by running the command on your docker cli


docker pull rchain/rholang-cli


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21/03/2018 4:09 pm  

The latest version of the RChain node is here:

It has a JSON API, which can be used to send a very small number of commands to the node. At the moment, the node doesn't have support for Rholang evaluation, so you can't run rholang there yet. That should be coming in the next few releases, so please stay tuned.

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The current image allows you to run an interpreter with many language features, and each release adds more of the language, so you can start to get a feel for the language.  But as Valentine said, the language effort is still in its early infancy, so none of the things you want to do have been implemented yet.

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21/05/2018 9:13 pm returns a 404.

Searching the hub for rholang-cli returns no obvious matches.

Is there a new Docker image?


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