mysql events to RChain starting to work  


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05/08/2018 3:14 am   d0ccf18

s2r -- Replicate SQL updates to RChain

Work in Progress


  • Sign data when we put it on the chain.
  • Figure out how to fully propose blocks, not just deploy code.


Once access to the mysql binlog and RChain is set up (see, start the service and watch it replicate mysql events by deploying rholang send events:

RCHAIN_BINLOG_PASSWORD=... node server.js 
{ type: 'INSERT', table: 'budget_vote', rows: 1 }
@@rows: [ { after: 
     { pay_period: 2018-07-01T05:00:00.000Z,
       issue_num: 199,
       voter: 'dckc',
       amount: 425,
       vote_time: 2018-08-05T01:19:05.000Z,
       weight: null },
    before: undefined } ]
@@TODO: sign the voting event
@@rho: @[``,  "budget_vote"]!("INSERT", [@"after"!(@"amount"!(425) | @"issue_num"!(199) | @"pay_period"!("2018-07-01T05:00:00.000Z") | @"vote_time"!("2018-08-05T01:19:05.000Z") | @"voter"!("dckc") | @"weight"!(Nil))])
@@doDeploy result: { success: true, message: 'Success!' }

In your rnode log, you should see:

20:19:05.205 [grpc-default-executor-1] INFO  c.rchain.casper.MultiParentCasper$ - CASPER: Received Deploy #1533431945199 -- @{[`` https://rewards.rcha... 

Then you can rnode propose as usual and see:

20:25:07.112 [grpc-default-executor-0] INFO  c.rchain.casper.util.comm.CommUtil$ - CASPER: Beginning send of Block #2 (da4d99f728...) -- Sender ID 1d034ef5e7... -- M Parent Hash 24edc327a4... -- Contents d9f84c498b... to peers...
20:25:07.135 [repl-io-45] INFO  c.rchain.casper.util.comm.CommUtil$ - CASPER: Sent da4d99f728... to peers
20:25:07.135 [repl-io-45] INFO  c.rchain.casper.MultiParentCasper$ - CASPER: Added da4d99f728...
20:25:07.138 [repl-io-45] INFO  c.rchain.casper.MultiParentCasper$ - CASPER: New fork-choice tip is block da4d99f728....
20:25:08.218 [grpc-default-executor-3] INFO  c.rchain.casper.util.comm.CommUtil$ - CASPER: Received block da4d99f728... again.



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