Would the tree model of for Namespaces/Sharding feature a binary tree?  


Joshy Orndorff
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21/05/2018 12:41 am  

Some context is https://rchain.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CORE/pages/389218311/Tree+vs+Lattice+Models+for+Namespaces+Sharding

In the tree model, I've always thought of the tree as a binary tree. I'm not sure whether I heard that somewhere, or just pictured it that way. So is there a determined structure to the tree beyond just being a tree? Could new namespaces pop up arbitrarily?

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21/05/2018 1:45 pm  

A useful analogy to have in mind is the tree structure of a file system, where namespaces are like directories. So to answer your question, yes namespaces would be allowed to pop up essentially arbitrarily and this would be like creating a new directory inside an existing one.


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