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27/05/2018 4:37 pm  

Please, can I get a Robust answer to this question? It will be integrated into a technical article about RChain.

- What is the incentive for users to run an RChain node?

- In details, why are the nodes are so performant?

- how is the JVM converted to the Rholang VM?

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31/05/2018 9:15 pm  
  1. Validating nodes receive fees and, potentially, monetary expansion. Very similar to BTC and ETH node operators.
  2. RChain is faster because Rholang doesn't impose a single global transaction order like Ethereum and because we're using a better sharding approach than anyone else.
  3. The JVM is going to be part of our stack for the forseeable future. At the moment, Rholang runs in an interpreter. We have a VM project to build a concurrent VM that allows us to optimize compilations and it will be integrated as a JIT VM inside the existing Rholang interpreter.


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