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13/05/2018 12:53 pm  

Hello there,

This morning, I tried to get my head around the new features in Node V0.3.1.

Installing the node was fairly simple with the instructions provided here, but besides getting many messages like
11:35:22.318 [repl-io-27] INFO logger - Initialize first phase handshake (encryption handshake) to #{PeerNode 4621060e710b43f79fbaa6cb66b47c70}
on my console, it is not clear to me how to trigger the other functionalities from Rnode.

In the medium article, Nash wrote that this node allows us to see the consensus protocol in action, execute Rholang code and keep your contract in a persistent state in between restarts and Kelly refers to this as well in the Atlassian guide. Is there somebody who can help me (and potentially also other people) out?

All the best,

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13/05/2018 2:12 pm  

Once you start rnode in the background you can then connect a variety of "thin clients" to it via gRPC. These gRPC APIs give access to the other node features. The easiest way to access them is by running another instance of rnode with different command line parameters. For example `rnode --repl ` gives an interactive Rholang shell (with a persistent state); and `rnode --deploy-demo ` will start a demo to simulate receiving requests from users to run code on the blockchain and propose blocks. You can see all the different command line parameters by running `rnode --help`.

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