The peek(  


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11/05/2018 2:56 am  

I have the following code

new channel in {
    for( str <! channel) {
    } |
    channel!("Hello World")

When I run it in RNode 0.3.1 Eval mode, it raises an error

Error: coop.rchain.rholang.interpreter.RholangCLI$SyntaxError: Unrecoverable Syntax Error

I see other sugar like <= and !! is implemented.

It is because <! sugar is not implemented?

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11/05/2018 12:45 pm  

Correct, it has not yet been implemented. However, it is easy enough to obtain the same behaviour without the sugar; simply do a normal linear read and then return the value to the channel in the continuation, along with anything else you want to do.


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